Stroller Remake

 This was my granddaughter’s stroller. Fuchsia because it was bought for a girl.
And then Prokopis came to our lives and got into the fuchsia stroller. One day we took him with us always in the fuchsia stroller to our cottage when one lady who saw him thought he was a girl……. This frustrated me so much that I took it apart as soon as we arrived to the cottage. I started fixing it again with some jean fabric I had and then my Singer that was dated back to the 50s (it belonged to my mother) broke down and I had to sew it by hand which is something I hate.

I think that he also has been happier!!


When I came back home, where I have everything I needed, I made for the upper part of the stroller patchwork with different pieces of jean in yellow and blue color.


I lined it with a nice cotton fabric



we also changed the straps and our little gentleman has his own stroller now. I am very proud of this project.  I have to say that I was helped by my husband and daughter in some points.



  1. Wow! I think you must have the nicest stroller in town now!!
    I bet all the quilters will stop to have a good look at it. I would 🙂
    Beautiful job!


  2. Η αλήθεια είναι ότι έχουμε δημιουργικό χρόνο, αν λογαριάσεις ότι μερικές φορές όταν ράβω στη μηχανή κάθεται στα πόδια μου και σπρώχνει το ύφασμα


  3. Super η γιαγιά!!!
    (Αναρωτιέμαι, πόσο δημιουργικός είναι ο χρόνος που περνάς με την εγγονή σου;;;;!!!!)


  4. Prokopis is very lucky to have such a special pram. I bet all the other babies envy him and wish they had a grandmother like you, Mania! You are definitely very busy these days and I'm so glad you are putting your new sewing machine to such good use. Looking forward to seeing your next project.


  5. Εντάξει …απλά δεν υπάρχεις. Τι υπέροχο καρότσι είναι αυτο????? Αυτο είναι να πιάνουν τα χέρια σου. Μπράβο βρε Μάνια χρυσοχέρα!!!!Θα σε χρειαστούμε απο μπλέ να μας κάνεις το δικό μας φούξια.


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