Flower fairy Quilt

There you have another quilt, again without tutorial because it was made before I set up the blog. The main panel has one of Cecily Mary Barker’s flower fairies and it is surrounded by patch worked fabric in long stripes. It has been machine quilted and the batting is cotton 100% . It is a crib size quilt.

Back side is also cotton 100% in salmon color with green stripes
Detail from the central panel. Quilting has been made in free motion style. where as some pieces were left without quilting in order to add volume.



  1. Μάνια μου, καλώς σε βρήκα.Εύχομαι το καλύτερο για το “σπιτάκι” σου.Καταπληκτικές οι οδηγίες σου.Καλό ΣΚ!!


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