(Note for our English speaking friends: Quilting is not widely spread across Greece. We are working hardly towards there. Therefore I wrote this article in order to convince people to make patchwork.)
Many people in Greece knit or crochet. However they stop knitting or crocheting during summer. Of course I do not agree with that. I am the person who knits even on the beach.
But if you are among those people who leave needles and hooks for winter, why not trying to make patchwork instead of knitting during summer? We mainly deal with cotton stuff, thus nobody can say that the procedure is “hot” for summer. There are also techniques that are absolutely portable.
For all the above reasons, I thought of showing you a few things made with the above mentioned technique. Let’ s have a look first of all at purely handwork: “English patchwork”. Here you have some examples:
Why not making a few hexagons and decorate some dull purses?
Take a look how you may transform a boring t-shirt to something more interesting and unique, adding a few small hexagons. 
And if you are more experienced you may even change your furniture.
(Manu Simon/Pinterest).
Let’s start making hexagons or other co-ordinating shapes (as described here)   and put them in a box until you have a lot of them. Then you may decide on your next project. Or you may first decide on the project and then make the hexagons.  
And if you make a lot of them and you also are an artist, then you may make something like the ones below, made by Ans Schipper Vermeiren.
Another technique that is also portable is applique.  I need to clarify that I always make ap[lique using my machine but I have to admit that applique by hand is nicer. Let’ see a few examples.
You may start with a simple pilow with you child’s name on it, as Zafiro did.
Or you can make a fabric book as Katerina from Rafina’s quilting bee did.
Or a nice quilt as Anita from Peania’s quilting bee did.
Or you can just add a few applique items on a garment you got bored of and make it more interesting.
(strand of
And as soon as you are an expert, then, you may make items like the following:
( και Lotte Eijlders/Pinterest αντίστοιχα):
If you just like square blocks, then why don’t you make a simple pillow with nice colors like the one Maria did?
Or something more complicate like this
(modern LisaS/flickR)
If you love color (as I do) and you are a trendy person, why don’t you try modern patchwork?
(pippaquilts/etsy – Melody Johnson quilts –
If you are a musician or you love music
If you are a cat person
or a dog person, there is also something for you in patchwork
(Ivonne Rramirez/Pinterest)
If you are a party animal
or a stay at home person….
(home and garden
And if you simply want to make a nice bag
Then patchwork and quilting is for you and you were not aware of it!!!
So, make up your mind and start making patchwork. I am sure that there will be a quilting be around the corner…
And a bonus photo that I loved because I adore sea shells and all sea creatures. I also admired the techniques that the artist used in order to make it. Enjoy!!!


  1. Λατρεύω τα κομματάκια υφάσματος!!!!!!
    όταν έραβα μάζευα πολλά!!!!
    Κάποια στιγμή θα τα αξιοποιήσω !!!!
    Αυτά που μας δείχνεις ςίναι υπέροχα έργα τέχνης!!!!!!!
    Φιλάκια πολλά!!!


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