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Officially, I am on vacations. We moved to our cottage on july 2nd and for two months. Unofficially two months is a lot of time vor vacations  for me. Therefore, I prepare my quilting lessons, I teach my daughter and grand daughter to quilt and I make a few things, like the one I am presenting you below.



I picked this fabric from my stash. I bought it several years ago and I was keeping it as most of us do on my stash, on the category “too nice to be cut”. Until this morning. I decided to make something for my self. Something that I am going to carry with me all the time. Therefore, I looked at the “too nice to be cut” category and decided on using this fabric.

I used the pattern from Birdiful Stitches with a few changes.

My friends know that I am not fond of hand quilting. However, this was fun with this fabric. I decided on handquilting on some specific figures of the fabric: some orange knots on a starfish, some green stitches on a sea weed, a few yellow stitches on the frog crown


some green stitches to higlight the tail of a mermaid…


I wanted my stitches to be thick, so I used my favorite Greek 100% cotton threads, Petalouda / Butterfly by Mouzakis . The same that I use to crochet.


I enjoyed the whole process a lot. I am also very pleased with the reslult.







  1. That’s really beautiful Mania. Being on holiday doesn’t mean you give up on your favourite things. I have brought along the quilt i am making for my daughter…..


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