Patchwork again and some sewing

Today I will show you how I made a case for the notions I need to have with me when I make patchwork or sewing.

At first I made the design on my mind. Because I wanted the external side to be patchwork, I also cut the small pieces.

Then I put up my notions to see how they suit me. On the left side I wanted to put a pocket for miscellaneous. Besides, a pocket is always needed.

I found in my drawer elastic from an old boxer, I cut the preferred sizes and pinned them on the inner side. I put the zipper in order to sew it first on the base.

I sewed the pieces of elastic on the base and then the zipper.
I sewed the top side of the zipper to the pocket.
I have already prepared the patchwork. The pieces I used was 2.5″. I do not give specific dimensions for the whole project on purpose, because it can be done in any dimension, depending on what you want to put inside. What is important in this project, is the order things happen.
I am getting ready for the quilting. I put a thin piece of batting between the two pieces of fabric.

I am going to make free motion quilting and for this reason I need to know where I placed the elastic pieces from the inner side. Therefore I put needles on the exterior side

Attention to the pocket. It has to be tied to the base only on the upper side in order to be free to make the quilt.

I make the quilting and then I sew the other 3 sides of the pocket and clean the edges of any trim.

The next steps: Cut two pieces having the length of the base without the pocket and the half width of the base. Make the hem on one long side and the short sides and sew the other side to the long side of the base. These pieces will be used to cover the tools before we roll the pouch.

Prepare the binding and sew around the usual way for those who know (another day will follow instructions for binding). I found in my drawer a piece of vintage lace and I first sewed the lace on the outside and then put the binding.

The result was very rewarding.


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