Chevron quilt

My first post. Without many words. What I am looking for, when visiting blogs are to find good ideas in order to improvise my skills. I set up this blog (actually my previous blog – Marmalena) because I am passionate about crafts, especially about knitting, crocheting and patchwork and I would like to help other people in finding in crafts what I have found since my childhood. Creativity, joy, calm and so many other things. For the time being, the more fresh ideas are found in blogs held abroad and it is only recently that Greek blogs have been developed towards there.
But it is time for me to start. Let’s do it from the quilt I finished last week. I made it to offer it as a wedding gift to a friend. The wedding took place 2 years ago. Those years happened many things to our family, not always good things, therefore I made the quilt with such a delay. Anyway the result was pretty satisfying. I am now expecting to see friend’s reaction as soon as it gets delivered.

I used for the quilt several cotton fabric pieces from my stash. Some of them from old robes of my mom or my aunt, other fabrics were found in their homes. The white fabric is old but not worn. It has been used to make sheets of my SIL’s grandmother. I learned to make patchwork 3 years ago and I have to say that this was a love at first sight. 


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