About me

I started dealing with crafts at the age of 6-7. At the beginning it was cross stitch, embroidery, crochet and knitting. I have not stopped since them, even by the time I had my children. I always got some time to knit. I moved on by attending classes in Greece and online with well known teachers. Therefore I got the opportunity to extend my knowledge to more advanced techniques.

I have got a degree in French Language and Literature and an MBA. I speak 4 languages beyond Greek (English, French, German, Spanish) which helped me to communicate on line with many teachers and crafters from around the Globe and follow many blogs and sites.

I worked from March 1978 till May 2013 for many large companies, the last years as Human Resources Director and before that as Organizational expert.

At the same time I was dealing with every craft extending my knoweledge to candle making, sewing, furniture remake, mosaic, micro-weaving, felting and I entered the magic world of quilting. I also followed many online courses.

My previous professional experience and my willing to transfer my knowledge drove me to be a quilting teacher. I also collaborate with www.ftiaxto.gr, which is the first and biggest crafts site in Greece , in their quilting section.



  1. Hi Mania, this is Irene Brenneis the first recipient of your 2 quilt blocks. Thanks for the letter, I loved hearing about your life in Greece. It sounds like you lead a very full and rewarding life.
    I will continue to follow your blog. All the best.

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