How to transform a simple piece of fabric to a matching curtain

My friend Ioanna has recently moved to a new apartment. She is very fond of curtains. She put the curtain you can see on the picture on her kitchen window. However, her kitchen has also a door leading to the balcony. Ioanna could not get the same curtain for the door. Therefore she asked me to make a matching one.
She gave me the cotton fabric she already had in her stash. I also found aν off – white piece of fabric and started the make–over.
I put a piece of fusible web on my off-white fabric.
I drew some circles on it. In order to do this, I used my dividers. You may use whatever you want.
I cut the circles and removed the paper. I spread them allover the fabric wherever I liked them to be. I ironed them on the right place on the fabric and let’s go the sewing machine.
I chose a zig-zag stitch. You may also choose an afghan stitch, if your machine has one. I appliqued every circle on the fabric.
Then, I put my darning/open toe foot. Please also remember to low your feed dogs or put on top of them the special tool to isolate them.
Please do not misunderstand the photo. I was changing my needle at the same time. It is self-understanding that needle must be on place.
And here we go!!!
You start painting with your thread. You move the fabric with your hands in order to make the shapes you wish. I knew what to do beforehand, because there was the other curtain to copy.
Apart from the basic stitch, I also used a special stitch ressembling to a root, as you can see, in order to have more intense result.
Before you use a new stitch, please always have in mind to try the stitch on a scrap in order to get the most satisfactory settings.
I also changed several colors, in order to get closer to my original design. The result was that my friend is very enthusiastic with her new curtain.
You may see below the result.



  1. άψογο ταίριασμα! είμαι σίγουρη ότι η φίλη σου θα την κοιτάζει με χαμόγελο κάθε φορά!


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